Hello Lauavinyo! Overall you've done a pretty good job but there are a few things I want to talk about, let's go through each exercise section by section!:

Starting with your lines you're doing a great job committing to your lines and drawing them confidently even if they're going to miss then ending dot, which is just what we're looking for!

The main thing on them is that sometimes I can see a bit of fraying at both ends of the lines, both at the superimposed lines and at the ghosted lines. Make sure that whenever you draw a line you carefully place the pen at the starting dot so the lines can fray on maximum one end.

Last thing is that you have forgotten to draw starting and ending dots on some of the lines on the ghosted planes. You've done it in most of them, but just mentioning it just in case!

Moving onto your ellipses they're confident just like your lines on the lines section, which is exactly what you're meant to do! And the accuracy on them is good as well just like in lines, good job!

The main thing I'd say is that the degrees of the ellipses are pretty much the same through the table exercises. Try to vary them more in future attempts so you practice all kinds of ellipses.

You're also not getting confused on the ghosted planes and you're drawing the ellipses as confidently as you did in the previous section, so nothing to say here neither!

Lastly on your funnels sometimes you aren't aligning the ellipses to the minor axis. Make sure you always aim for the ellipses to be cut symmetrically by the middle line even if that means you need to ignore the initial curves. Pay also attention to the angle of the ellipses as well. They have to be cut symmetrically by the line, so they can't be tilted.

Finally in your boxes a few things:

-Lines are still pretty confident like in lines, but they get a little bit wobbly from time to time in general so try to loosen up a bit so they get fully confident consistently.

-It's uncommon in your work, but just in case I wanted to mention that sometimes you repeat lines that missed the ending dot, but just like in the line section make sure you don't repeat any line even if they miss. Try to think of each single line as a single ghosted lines exercise. In case you missed the dot, if the line is confident that means that you did the exercise well, so you have nothing to worry about.

-On rough perspective you are already making pretty good attempts at the perspective lines, specially at the depth ones, but you seem to have a bit of trouble at times keeping height lines perpendicular to the horizon line, and width lines parallel to it. I know it's hard, but make sure you always are aiming for it. You can check if the starting and ending dots are correct or not, and if you find that they aren't you can change them. You can put down as many dots as you want as long as it's before drawing the actual line, so give it a shot!

-On rotated boxes you've done a great attempt apart from the line issues I mentioned. Boxes are all rotating and all are kept close together, good job! Only thing is that you haven't drawn some of the lines of the outer boxes, so make sure you always complete them! I also think that you haven't drawn starting and ending dots before drawing some of your lines just like in the next exercise.

-On organic perspective, the main thing is that I think you aren't drawing starting and ending points for all of your lines like I mentioned before. If this is the case make sure you do it because it's super important for applying the ghosting method properly.

Remember also that you can add lineweight to the parts of outer lines that overlap with other boxes to clarify which ones are on top and which behind, so give it a try next attempts you have at the exercise!

Lastly you are already doing some good attempts at the perspective of the boxes. Good job! They still have some issues, but that's not a problem as you'll work on them on the box challenge.

Overall like I said you've done a pretty good job and have a good understanding of the exercises. Just make sure you plan all of your lines with starting and ending dots before drawing them this is super important on the box challenge and in the future, so don't miss it! That said, I'll mark this as complete.

From now on you need to do warmups before every session, so don't forget about them! And make sure you ask any questions you might have. Keep up the good work and good luck on the box challenge!