DrawABox Makeover?

4:27 AM, Monday May 9th 2022

Hi! I plan on trying to do this course for the third time and I’ve noticed that a lot has changed, including very recent and new videos being updated to YouTube. Are you going to be redoing the entire course? And if so, should I wait to start to get the best out of any new videos? Or should I just start now? Thank you!

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11:01 PM, Monday May 9th 2022

The main reason we're updating the videos is not really to change the nature of the information provided, but rather to improve the production quality and, through heavier use of scripting, make the videos more concise. The combination of the current videos and the associated text material do still cover the vast majority of what the new videos will, so while we are slowly and steadily working through updating all of the videos, you are still fine to go through the course as it is right now - however there are going to be some mild contradictions much later into the course, mainly around Lesson 5.

Those receiving official critique do receive some additional information through the feedback they receive to help address those inconsistencies, but everything you've heard, and any recommendations you've received about Drawabox are based on the existing material.

My recommendation would be not to delay, but rather to simply review the new video material when it does come out. The nature of this course is for the homework assignments to be focused on establishing your understanding of what you should be aiming for with each exercise - but that you will ultimately be practicing this stuff going forward on your own, and in your warmups. So by its nature, we do continue to practice all of the concepts introduced throughout the lessons - just not prior to getting feedback, to confirm that we are indeed applying them correctly. So, looking at the newer content later will still give you an opportunity to apply whatever adjustments, or whatever may be conveyed a little more clearly.

10:13 AM, Tuesday May 10th 2022

Thank you so much for your quick and in-depth reply! I really appreciate it. Can’t wait to get started.

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