250 Box Challenge

6:56 PM, Wednesday October 28th 2020

250 boxes - Google Drive

250 boxes - Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1d1sbTtaFHtWD7irWL8lvb_yBANjqCQ7M?usp=sharing

Hi ! These are my 250 boxes, I usually draw the box in the middle of each page with close V.P.'s and the rest with far V.P's. I had posted before on imgur but it only uploaded one image and I can't delete the post.

Any reviews/comments will be much appreciated !

Thanks ! :D

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12:20 AM, Wednesday January 20th 2021

Congrats on finishing the box challenge! By the end of it you get pretty good already, boxes are solid, you tend to get convergences pretty correct, even the inner corner, and your lines are pretty confident and accurate, so good job!

Only things I want to comment on is that your boxes orientations could get a bit more varied, so take a look at this it'll give you more ideas.

Hatching is a bit rushed at times, so don't forget to place your pen on the line of the box they start so they don't fray on two ends.

And lastly about the inner corner, like I said you're pretty good with it already, but at times it gets a little bit off. So take a look at this diagram. Thinking about the relationships between lines before making each step will make your convergence guesses better, so your convergences on the inner corner will become better as a result.

Lastly, like I said your boxes are pretty good already, so I recommend getting into the additional boxes exercises, the boxes on a string and the subdivision boxes, as you're already ready for them. Good luck on lesson 2 and keep up the good work!

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1:40 AM, Thursday January 21st 2021

Thanks a lot for the review :D ! I'll keep all your suggestions in mind when drawing my next boxes.

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