250 Box Challenge

3:56 PM, Sunday April 12th 2020

250 Boxes - Korosal - Album on Imgur

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Hello again o/ I've also finished this challenge, twice now, since i was very eager to get into it before any other lesson, along with the cylinder one, ive just learnt so much i didnt know about constructing them from the videos i had to do them, but im very glad i went through the first lesson after all. So here's the aftermath of all that.

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12:29 PM, Monday April 13th 2020

I would be concerned with there being far too many boxes per page. I am part way ( about 200 ) through this challenge. At the 100 mark I asked the question to my assessor ( on the Patreon plan ) whether I was cramming to many in because I was doing 12 per A4 page. They said yes, so I reduced it to 6.

This allows you to test yourelf with longer straight lines and will test your accuracy and visioning of vanishing points much harder, as well as making assesment easier due to better clarity.

Next Steps:

My suggestion would be to do another 50 boxes, but 6 per page and see how that challenges you.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
4:52 PM, Tuesday April 14th 2020

Heyo, thank you for this reply too, i just got pointed that out today by a friend as well, i may have misread the challenge's tips. I'm definitely down to draw more boxes, and i may end up doing the whole thing again after the first 50. Cheers o>

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