A Problem Of Great Porporation

2:17 AM, Saturday October 15th 2022

Heyo! today i was wondering do the porporations affect the exercise drawing's quality as a drawabox exercise like if you slapped your lesson homework into critique it would be critisized for those problems or would it be fine as long its spatially consistent and tight? i haven't reached lesson 5 but i would not be surprised if this was more prominent with that lesson

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10:58 PM, Saturday October 15th 2022

Proportions only really matter at lesson 6 and 7, in the case of lesson 5 you should focus more on making the construction as solid as possible. That way even if you drew the head a little too big or the body a little smaller etc. it will still look fine as long as it's been constructed properly. If you focus too much on proportions you will not get the same value from the exercise as you would be too worried trying to make it look good.

12:34 AM, Sunday October 16th 2022

ahhh that makes sense i was worried that if my drawing weren't porporationally (hoping i spelled that correct) accurate it would damage the exercise's quality it's good to know what to focus on instead rather than worrying about the excess stuff thanks!

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