took a long break from drawabox wanna get back into it but....

8:35 PM, Saturday August 28th 2021

Hello! long story short i took quite a break from drawabox (burnout and life) probably about a year? ive gotten up only till lesson 6 and im not sure if i should restart or mabye skim thru the materials? would it be a good or bad idea if i just restarted where i left off, i plan on doing pateron critiques probably as well. any help would be great! :D

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4:59 AM, Sunday August 29th 2021

lesson six is pretty far, and I feel as though doing all that work again won't benefit you as much as it costs. what I recommend is to take some key excercises from each lesson, and practice them for about a month. When you feel your groove again, pickup where you left off :D

1:29 PM, Sunday August 29th 2021

yeah thanks for the input! its been a while but i have been practicing and drawing on and off for the entire time just not specifically drawabox content, and re-applying for pateron and starting where i left off should be okay as well?

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2:51 PM, Sunday August 29th 2021

I agree with PinkSamurai. It's not drawing specific, but I personally find I retain more than expected after a long break , and it's easy to get stuck in a rut spending all my time reviewing and making no progress, then burning out and repeating the process a few months down the line.

Imo it's better to set aside a portion of your time for review (even without the sabatical) and continue tackling new things.

7:06 PM, Tuesday August 31st 2021

thanks for the help! will follow and just review some key information in past lessons :)

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2:21 PM, Tuesday August 31st 2021


To know how much you may have forgotten, I think you should try to find back your notes if you had taken any and try to redo the exercices of each lessons.

You can also try the 25 texture challenge or the chest challenges while checking before going into lesson 7. Good luck!

7:05 PM, Tuesday August 31st 2021

thanks for the help! i'll try to dig up some notes and do some review for a bit :D

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