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8:30 PM, Monday January 22nd 2024

Hello Ralph74, I'll be critiquing your 250 box challenge but first I wanted to congratulate you on your accomplishment, it was definitely no easy feat.

  • First off, I wanted to comment on your linework. Throughout your boxes you've displayed solid and confident linework with little to no wobblyness. You've clearly taken the material presented in lesson 1 to heart!

  • Throughout your boxes, you displayed confident hatching and clearly indicated which side of the box is facing the viewer. However, I have noticed that the hatching in a few of your boxes either fall short of their bounds or tend to arch a little bit. You should always take your time when hatching and make sure they're ghosted in a straight line from one end to another.

  • Throughout your box challenge, you did a good job at having your boxes vary in size and you did experiment a lot with both shallow and dramatic forshortening. That being said, the orientation of many of your boxes did appear same-y, I suggest looking over this image as a reference to keep in mind for the future!

  • When it comes to perspective, I did notice that some of your boxes tended to be either be parallel or have a few of their lines diverge but this became less of an issue as you progressed through the challenge. I will say to always remember that even if it doesn't appear that two lines converge, they always will even if slightly.

Overall, you've shown a consistent quality of work throughout the 250 box challenge with several mistakes becoming less apparent towards the end and whatever improvements that need to be done can be remedied through warmups! Great work!

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8:14 PM, Monday February 5th 2024

Thank you! Ngl I started enjoying this tedious exercise in the end.

Ans thanks a ton for taking your precious time out and giving such a detailed feedback on my exercise. I really appreciate that.

Yes I will try to be more careful about the variations and divergence in future warmups. The links you've attached wrt to that seems really helpful. I've rated your critique as a gesture to show that I'm grateful to you. :)

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