Hiya, welcome to your first step in the DrawAbox course! I'll be taking the helm of giving you your critique today.


Gotta be honest, these are extremely wobbly and poor. There is rarely any sense of confidence I can feel from them and more just complete hesitation when you should've been ghosting them, that was the whole point of the exercise. This extends to the planes aswell, complete wobble of the pen in your strokes.


The wobble in these are less noticable but despite they're still present at times. There's atleast more possible evidence you tried to ghost these, and you also drew through your ellipses a second time so that's a good job on your end. You also have some space where the ellipse doesn't reach the edges of the space it's meant to fill, but that comes with time.


Funny enough, you actually seem to shine in these. Your rough perspective consistently reaches the vanishing point in a reasonable manner, and your rotated boxes are a very solid attempt even if the very outer edges start to fall apart at the corners and some corners could be closer.