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11:11 PM, Friday January 14th 2022

Hello there congrats on finishing lesson one


Superimposed lines look confident.

Ghosted lines also look nice and confident.

The lines of the ghosted planes also look confident and straight.

Keep on ghosting and confidently drawing the lines as you are.


Ellipses are drawn confidently but they should be drawn through a minimum and recommended twice and a maximum thrice.


this applies to ellipses in all three ellipses exercises here.

In the table of ellipses, there are some gaps between ellipses in some places. Ellipses should touch, they should be touching and not overlapping. They should also touch the table walls/bounds.

Good work on the funnels exercise.

For drawing ellipses, ghost the ellipse where you want to place it until confident with the motion and then swiftly draw the ellipse with the confidence and commitment you are using now. I mention this for the sake of repetition, your exercises show you know it but just to drill it in


Plotted perspective looks good, use a ruler for the cross hatching in this exercise. Consider adding lineweight where boxes overlap.

Rough perspective looks good, keep in mind that the vertical lines of the boxes are perpendicular to the horizon and the horizontal lines are parallel to the horizon. This should help you plot your lines. Now the lines that you project to the horizon must be projected not to the vanishing point.


Rather project the depth lines until they touch the horizon


For rotated boxes revisit the lesson when doing exercises to see how you approach drawing the boxes. In your boxs, I see some places you did not use lines you had already drawn as reference for the ones you had alreadt drawn. Try and keep gaps consistent too. Overall its good and tigh knit.

Organic perspective looks okay, the last page looks good the others where not as dynamic. Consider adding lineweight where boxes overlap. You can move on to the 250 box challenge, remember to use these lesson one exercises as warmups


Good luck :)

Next Steps:

250 box challenge

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3:38 PM, Saturday January 15th 2022

Thank you so much ! I will work on what you pointed !

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