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12:57 PM, Saturday May 7th 2022

Good work making it through lesson 1! Many times the hardest step of the journey is the first one. The first time I tried DrawABox I gave up halfway through the Organic Perspective exercises so I understand how difficult these can be. You made it through! Good work!

Lines: On your superimposed lines you did a good job with the fraying! For the most part it looks like its excluded to one side of your lines which is exactly what we're after. There are a few of the curves that see some signs of double sided fraying but nothing too extreme. Its really common to see more double sided fraying on the curves, but they're not really the focus of the exercise. I see some signs of wobbling in these lines but nothing too bad, just remember to draw with long, straight confident strokes, with focus on drawing from the shoulder. It can be tempting to try and correct our lines last second but an inaccurate line in this case is always better than a wobbly one. Overall great Job on the Superimposed Lines!

Your ghosted lines look good as well. This is a simple exercise that I find myself coming back to over and over again. There are a few lines here that have some wobble to them but nothing too bad. Remember that a line that misses it's mark in these exercises is better than a wobbly one.

The same could be said about the lines in your Ghosted Planes. Really quite good for the most part with some signs of slight wobbling. Throughout all these exercises I don't see any sight of you redrawing through your lines though which is something I personally struggled with. Good work! Also it looks like you did a good job plotting your lines, which is awesome!

Ellipses: Ah these evil dudes. You did a great job making sure to draw through them at least twice. You also did a good jog keeping them in bounds! There is a little overlap here or there but that's to be expected and not to big an issue at this stage. You did a great job on the funnels, keeping the minor axis (the line in the middle) centered through your ellipses. I would say your biggest struggle here is the wobbles, particularly in the Tables of Ellipses exercises. Make sure to prioritize drawing from the shoulder and focusing on smooth, confident strokes rather than accurate ones. An inaccurate ellipse is always better than a wobbly one, just like with our lines. Your Ellipses in your Planes are really quite great for the most part. I can see improvement through these exercises for sure. One more thing about the Ellipses, a lot of them seem to be a bit egg shaped. I've heard that drawing them at an angle can help fight off the egg shape.

Boxes: You did good drawing through your boxes! It's not required on Organic Perspective so that's fine too. On Rough Perspective I noticed a few of your width lines aren't parallel to the horizon and some heigh lines aren't perpendicular to the horizon. This is often times difficult to get 100% right all the time but its important to keep in mind for future warm ups. Most of them look really good and there are just a few that really stick out this way. Your rotated boxes look pretty decent! Remember to use the corners on the far side of the boxes to help them line up better. Remember to keep corners close in the future, but overall they look nice!

Summery: I think you have a pretty solid grasp of most of the material in lesson one with one weakness: wobbly lines. Not all of your lines are wobbly though so I think you're doing well in some cases. Remember to ghost your lines and focus on straight, confident strokes over accuracy. The 250 box challenge should help a LOT with accuracy. Don't be afraid to get your lines off a little. A wobbly line is always worse than one that misses its mark but is straight and confident.

Next Steps:

Move on to the 250 Box Challenge.

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8:07 PM, Monday May 9th 2022

Thanks for spending time to respond with much needed critique..I'll make sure to work on my wobbly lines and I hope I don't spend an eternity on the 250 box challenge.

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