Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

12:06 PM, Friday October 8th 2021

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Started Drawabox a long time ago,Did Lesson1,250 box challenge and midway through lesson 2 burned out.

After taking a brake of about 3-4 months I have begun drawabox again from the very beginning.

Please Review my work and mark it as complete so that I may proceed.

Your suggestion can be forthright.I will not mind.

Thank you.

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2:29 AM, Friday October 15th 2021

Hi Sophistamaan, congrats for finishing lesson 1 (again!). I'll give you some of my critique.

Firstly on your lines. Overall, i see that all your lines are quite smooth and confident, as well as being pretty accurate, good job on that! I guess it's because you've already gone through Lesson 1 and the 250 box challenge. Though there's some fraying on both ends in some lines on your superimposed lines, especially on the longest lines. Do remember to place your pen with a bit of thought.

Next, on your ellipses, they're overall quite well done! Your ellipses are all drawn through, fit in quite snuggly within bounds. Really there's not much i can say.

Finally, on your boxes. As like above, they're pretty great! All your lines are straight and confident, as well as being accurate. Your experience with the 250 box challenge still carries over here imo.

Overall, as a revision of lesson 1, i think you did really great! You've definitly still remember to make smooth and confident lines, and you've understood the objective of the assignments well.

Next Steps:

Feel free to move on to the 250 box challenge :)

And tbh, with the prior experience you've got, i think you might don't need to do the whole challenge again, maybe ~50 boxes to get a grip again in drawing boxes.

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3:47 AM, Monday October 18th 2021

Thank you so much for your valuable review.It was really helpful

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