Hi Javob18,

It looks like you rushed the lesson a bit, I'll try to give you a review with the best of my abilities.

For superimposed lines it'll be easier to start with lines shorter in length and gradually increase their length as you get more comfortable. Remember to practice your shoulder motion as you draw any line, so they'll be smoother and you'll draw them more confidently.

I'll have to ask you to redo Exercise 2 because it looks like you added different shapes that are not included in the exercise, make sure you reread the instructions before you reattempt it, and you can ask questions here or in the Discord chat if you don't understant it.

Ghosted Planes looks OK, make sure you're drawing your ellipses confidently through your shoulder motion. Don't try to make them touch the edges AS you draw them, because this way you're sacrificing the smoothness of the ellipses. It's okay to overshoot or undershoot a bit as long as they're drawn correctly, they're going to touch the edges as you keep practicing don't worry about that

The way you drew the table for Table of Ellipses is correct, their size is also consistent, you can try drawing ellipses in different sizes and different openness as you redo this one but make sure you're drawing through them 2-3 times. We can't draw smooth ellipses in a single motion if we did not practice drawing through them a bunch of times before attempting.

For funnels of ellipses you can make a thinner ellipse right in the middle of the funnel, so you're going to be able to see both its major and minor axis, and make them a bit wider as you get closer to the ends.

Plotted perspective is OK

For organic perspective you can make boxes closer to you bigger and make them gradually smaller as they're going away in the distance.

So in conclusion it's important to practice line quality before going further in the lessons, make sure you read the instructions carefully and use your shoulder motion. Please don't get discouraged at all! As you keep practicing your line quality it'll become a second nature to you. Good luck!