Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

1:10 PM, Wednesday September 9th 2020

Lesson 1 - Google Drive

Lesson 1 - Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=14kuxgX3p2iFlP5gwktu2fFlSyvNZwtID

Hello everyone! Drawing confident lines was a real challenge for me but I think I got better at it. Even though I did a lot of mistakes, I hope my work is acceptable. Thanks!

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2:42 PM, Wednesday September 16th 2020

Howdy. Lookin' pretty solid so far. Here's some feedback:

Lines: Some slight fraying on both ends for the super imposed lines exercise (caused by not starting at the point), but you appear to have improved on that on your later exercises which is great.

Ellipses: Lines get very wobbly here probably because you seem to be focusing more on accuracy (hitting boundaries) instead of confidence (drawing something that is a smooth oval shape) resulting in misshapen ellipses. Remember to prioritize drawing straight confident lines over accurate wobbly ones. You want to train your muscles to draw smooth lines, always. Accuracy will improve with practice, but that practice has to be good practice. Ellipses are hard at first but you will get better at them with practice, so try repeating some of the ellipses exercises as warm-ups as you continue onward. Your ellipses in funnels is looking pretty good, some slight variation of angles as you move outwards, just something to keep in mind.

Boxes: Your lines are a little wobbly here as well (again, confidence > accuracy). Some slight arcing so keep that in mind. Rotated boxes looking pretty solid, using nearby lines to help construct your figures is a useful skill to have, so keep it in mind when doing the 250 box challenge. Organic boxes looking pretty good, don't be afraid to try drawing other types of boxes (not just cubes).

Overall, not bad! Keep it up.

Next Steps:

Move onto the 250 box challenge if you haven't done so already. Revisit lesson 1 exercises as warm-ups (about 15 minutes before each box drawing session). Remember to prioritize confidence over accuracy.

Tip: Plot and ghost each hatch line to get more practice with ghosted lines. This will help you improve your markmaking.

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2:55 PM, Wednesday September 16th 2020

Yeah i was probably a bit too obsessed on accuracy but i suppose i will get more used to prioritizing confidence after the 250 boxes challenge. Thanks!

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