Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

3:37 PM, Wednesday November 17th 2021

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Hello everyone, it's good to be here again

A year and half ago I stared to follow drawabox lessons then submitted when the first was done

(in the reply the one thing that was pointed out was to better watch for ellipses)


After some of the boxes from the '250 box challenge', as a self-taught artist and perfectionist, I was to busy understanding the instructions that I got frustrated and gave up.

I felt sorry 'cause I know that this is a good drawing course.

This year I just finished the first lesson and I feel a little bit intimidated to start the challenge, yet I want so badly to overcome this and discover what will be forward/progress that I want, slowly but steady, try it again.

Don't feel concerned, I'm not worried about critics so feel free to say either positive or negative judgments

Ready for critics!

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1:35 PM, Monday November 22nd 2021
edited at 8:20 AM, Nov 23rd 2021

Hey Mayday! I'll be looking at your submission today. Since it's a redo & you already seems to have good grasp of these exercises, I'll keep it short.

You lines are smoothly drawn from shoulder, they're almost perfect. Though they do suffer a bit when doing boxes, you can improve it over time.

I saw your old submission & there is significant improvement on ellipses, they're much more tight & clean.

Your boxes in rough perspective nearly converge toward their vanishing point as intended. You can improve on their convergence when doing box challenge.

Your current rotated boxes is an improvement from old one & I can see you tried your best. Your current rotated boxes is an improvement from old one & I can see you tried your best. Boxes in corner are quite tough to make & visualize. The gap between all boxes are not nearly same, look at boxes adjacent to initial box in center & the boxes outside.

Your guesses when doing edges for boxes in the corner will improve over time, see your bottom right section of the page it's looking good.

Overall you did a great job completing lesson 1 again, which is good when getting back to the course. I'm not sure how far you went in Box Challenge but I hope you saw(& will see) some improvements when applying it's instructions on boxes in exercises of lesson 1.

Next Steps:

You're good to restart 250 Box Challenge, hoping you see it through to the end this time(I finished it today xD).

For warm ups I'd suggest giving exercises for box section a little more attention. Doing rotated boxes on warm up can quite some time(even 1 hr, which is more than what we want from warm ups), so you can limit your self to do either just one quarter or do only initial box in center & boxes on the corner.

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4:56 PM, Monday November 22nd 2021

Good evening!

Thank you very much for your reply.

I'm very glad for the improvements and will definitely look better for the advices.

Ahahahah, someone being when other finish as a relay race, lucky you for seeing the 'finish' line of 250 box challenge, I'm imagining the beginning of a party x)

Thank you, really appreciate the support.

I'm sure your tips will be helpful.

See ya again, I hope as soon as possible, as I finish the challenge

Thank you again for the response, have a nice evening :)

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