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9:43 PM, Sunday July 3rd 2022

Hello Giuldzap, I'm your neighborhood mushroom guy and today I'll be looking over your homework.

First things first, congratulations on finishing the challenge! The sheer workload of it is extreme but you had the determination to push through, that by itself is admirable. Without further ado, let's get into it, shall we?


Your lines at the start of the challenge have a slight wobble and clear signs of hesitations, such as small hooks and curves randomly at the middle or end of the line, but throughout the challenge your lines become straighter, more confident and smoother, good job! You're making great use of the ghosting method, keep it up.

When it comes to your lines though there's still signs of hesitation and arching even at the end of the challenge, remember to always draw from the shoulder and put extra thought into the ghosting step before committing to the line, as to not get wobble when drawing. Speaking of ghosting, try to reduce the size of your ghosting dots, ideally one shouldn't even be able to see them after a line is put down.

I'm happy to see you adding lineweight around the silhouette of the box and it'll be even better if you work on making it more subtle, while as of now in many of your boxes it almost looks like a re-done line. Just keep practicing and your accuracy will improve, and keep in mind when adding lineweight to taper the line into the one underneath, to seamlessly integrate it into the silhouette of the box.

When it comes to hatching you add it beautifully to boxes like number 64, 205 and 183, which is why later moments where your hatching gets less tidy and neat, with wobbly and less accurate lines seems to point towards less effort being put into it, especially at the end of the challenge like with boxes 248, 247 and 245. Remember that since hatching is mostly optional, if you're going to add it then you must put the same amount of effort into it as you did in your initial box, don't ruin a good box because of rushed hatching.

Box Construction

Moving onto your box construction, there isn't much to point out as you've done really well! You've got a good range of box types and your convergences improve as you move through the challenge. There's always a thing or two to improve though, so here are a few things I believe will make your boxes better:

  • When you attempt boxes with more dramatic foreshortening, a very common problem you face is distortion. Uncomfy goes over this more in depth in his [notes on distortion and field of view.](https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/7/di

But in short this particular mistake happens when one of the 3 vanishing points pulls one of more of the box's corners outside the field of view, causing distortion even if the box is technically correctly constructed because realistically the human eye would never see a box this way.

To fix this you must keep in mind the rate of foreshortening of your boxes

  • It would've been nice if you varied the foreshortening rate of your boxes throughout the challenge, instead of attempting shallow perspective at the start and dramatic perspective at the end, this way you'll keep improving at both at the same time.

  • Most of your boxes have their vanishing points inside the page, it would have been nice to see some more boxes with very subtle convergences.

Extension Lines

Nothing to say here, you've extended your lines correctly.

Final Thoughts

Overall this was a solid submission for this challenge and you've shown noticeable improvement. I'm sure that you're ready for the advanced box exercises, as well as Lesson 2.

I'll be marking this lesson as complete.

Next Steps:

Add these exercises to your warm up list and feel free to move on to Lesson 2.

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12:11 AM, Monday July 4th 2022

It feels like i attracted a mythical beast from the Box forest. thx for your time and effort on crtitiquing me! About the hatching, at first i did all of my hatching with a ruler until i was swiping through the discord to notice that you are t supposed to use a ruler, so i think in the last 30ish boxes i began hatching by ghosting and it defo felt weird and rarelt considered ghosting them and just going ham into it (I did ghost for all my lines ofc).

Anyway, i'll be taking a 2 week break working on my own life before hoping back in

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