Drawing Prompt: Tea Time at World's End

8:54 AM, Sunday March 27th 2022

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This submission was done for the Tea Time at World's End drawing prompt. Check out more submissions here!

Post apocalypse is known to be quite a grim and gruesome experience.

But this man has remained a tea enthusiast, searching for most exquisite flavors around the world. If you don't attack him first in the encounter, he may even give you a taste. Cheers.

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3:50 AM, Monday March 28th 2022

I'm all for giving people a chance, but you would be wise not to be too trusting . . . no matter how good his tea is ;)

7:04 AM, Monday March 28th 2022

Who knows, maybe the tea is poisoned?

8:01 PM, Monday March 28th 2022

I guess you don't know till you try :D Maybe let some lower life form taste the tea first just to be safe.

11:05 AM, Wednesday March 30th 2022

haha true!

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