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12:00 PM, Saturday July 24th 2021

First of all I´m so sorry for literally just answering over month later :/ I didn´t really log into my DrawABox account for some weeks because of private events occuring but neither the less ,as I logged in today I was really happy to see a notification! Thank you so much for your encouraging words and compliments like I could not be more motivated to draw right now ,as I´ve been in an art block and motivational lack towards art for about 3 weeks ,which made seriously mad. So, thank you so much again for your kind feedback, really appreciating it. Btw it´s a funny coincidence that after finishing lesson 3 ,I started to make figure drawing for about a month to learn timed drawing and work against my perfectionism, so I guess I already took your next step haha :)

11:19 AM, Sunday July 25th 2021

I'm glad to hear that my message helped and that you already had taken action before even reading it. That's great! If you want you could mix timed drawing with the exercises here. Drawing in the constructional way instructed in drawabox is hard to do fast but maybe try to keep it to about 25minutes. Again, if you'd like to do that. Other than that I wish you the best. :D

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