Hey there Skidoosh!! Really nice work getting through the whole challenge! 250 boxes is nothing to sneeze at and good job sticking to it.

So, from the beginning, your line work is really strong. You appear to have very little evidence of a wobble and what I do see, you appear to have ironed out by the end of the challenge. If you continue have trouble with the wobble, remember that the ghosting technique is a surefire way to get start getting your lines confident, consistent and smooth.

Okay, as for your convergences. These start out pretty decent at the beginning, although you seem to be uncomfortable playing with your foreshortening. Likewise, you do tend to have a few lines that go stray or even diverge instead of converge.

However, as you go forward, this drastically improves. By the end, you have very few diverging or stray lines and all your sets appear to be converging at a consistent rate for most of your boxes. That's really great to see. It means that the mileage did you a lot of good. Likewise, it appears that you become more comfortable with a variety of foreshortening.

As for taming those stray lines that're left over, check out these notes - we link them at the end of every challenge because they're less guidance and more a tool that may help you improve further, or confirm conclusions you came to during the course of the challenge. They go over the angle of each line as they approach the box and how keeping an eye on this relationship could improve your convergences. Also, considering each line in relation to the lines with which it shares a vanishing point rather than the lines with which it shares a plane or a corner could do the same.