250 Box Challenge

5:23 AM, Friday April 23rd 2021

250 Box Challenge - Google Drive

250 Box Challenge - Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1BjaAX_1teJODoxvgtP5s4CHi3-v1rU_Q


Mistakes and other stuff that may need explaining:

  1. Why are boxes no.1-160 have no cross hatching? Why is it shaded with a highlighter?

-I got the idea of highlighting my boxes instead of cross hatching when Uncomfortable was explaining the 250 box challenge in his video, when he said "you can't fill a plane like that if you're not working in digital" my sneaky brain thought of the idea, though I realized later on uncomfortable has other reasons why he wants it cross hatched.

  1. Why are boxes no.51-165 have no line weight?

-It was a period were I wanted to finish the 250 box challenge as fast as I can, so I ignored all of the other stuff explained in the 250 box challenge and instead just drew boxes. Someone in the discord pointed it out and I realized that it was also an integral part of the challenge.

  1. Why does your submission look like it was done in digital?

-No worries they're scanned versions of my work.

As for other mistakes I think they don't need any explaining to do also I would rather have them pointed out to me instead of pointing it out myself. Thank you in advance for taking your time to critique me.

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