Complete noob in blender

3:44 AM, Friday October 15th 2021

I started using blender last night because our physics teacher wants us to make an animated model. My idea is to make a glass box with a hydraulic press at the top and bouncing balls inside. I already made and animated the rest aside from the balls. I would like to make something like this I know this is not drawing related but I don't know where to ask and I can't find any tutorial online. If someone could help me or link tutorials that would be very helpful. Thank you very much!

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8:57 AM, Saturday October 16th 2021

Hello Hobhie, I hope you are well

Well it isn't drawing related so you have less of a chance to get a reply. But here are couple of places that I think you can ask:

  1. Drawabox has discord and there is a 3d channel, there is many helpful people here that will be glad to help you if they can

  2. Blender official discord, this speaks for itself

I am myself a little experienced in blender, but I haven't played enough with animation and physics to help you. But I can say that animation with physics for a total newbie is going to be painful, as there are many sliders and setting and miss clicking one could cause a lot of headache. That said here are tutorials I googled and looked through that may help you.

Okay after 20 40 min of playing around in blender I did get something similar. It is a little unstable meaning I am not sure which settings will solve your problem but I think you should be able to look into settings yourself to solve it. Here is what I got from that 2nd video 2nd method.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Play with your gravity force, since changing bounciness of a object is buggy and can and will send your object into space

  • For your cube remember to set the collision tab to Mesh and then, well to be completely honest I have no clue what is the difference between Base/Deform/Final, but Mesh setting is mandatory for it to work

  • In blender we have those bars that sometimes can go over default limit as in this case it is quite helpful but it doesn't work with every bar

9:34 AM, Saturday October 16th 2021

Thank you so much! Those directions were very helpful to me, hopefully playing with some settings will help me achieve something closer to what I want. Thank you again for your time and efforts in helping me!

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