Hi! Good job on completing lesson 1! I will be reviewing your submission.

Superimposed lines: You did a good job on this exercise. There is fraying at the end but this is not a big deal when you're just starting. If you do this exercise as warmup you will improve at it. Remember to keep using your whole arm and being confident. Also, good job at starting each line at the same spot.

Ghosted lines and ghosted planes: Your lines are looking pretty confident. I can tell you're following the instructions for the exercises. You miss on the trajectory a few times but as long as you keep doing what you're doing you will eventually improve in your accuracy. For the ghosted planes with eclipses on it, your ellipses are looking pretty good as well. Just remember to fit each ellipse snuggly on the plane.

Table of ellipses: Just like the ellipses on the ghosted planes, your ellipses are looking pretty clean for the most part. Also, good job on fitting the ellipses snuggly in the grids. I don't really have much to say about your ellipses page. It's pretty solid.

Boxes exercises: The mistakes you did on these exercises are pretty much the same as most people do when they reach this part of the lesson, so don't worry too much about it. As you go on with DaB and the 250 box challenge, you will get better at getting the lines of the boxes go to each vanishing point. The main mistake you did on the organic perspective challenge was that the lines are diverging instead of converging towards a vanishing point. You will improve on this a lot when you do the 250 box challenge.

Overall, this is a really solid submission. I can tell you're reading, understanding, and following each lesson correctly. Keep at it! I wish you the best on future lessons.