Welcome to drawabox, and congrats on completing Lesson 1; let’s take a look at it.

Starting off, your superimposed lines look great. They’re smooth, properly lined up at the start, and of a consistent trajectory. I’m glad to see so many page-width ones, though I’d have liked to see some arcing ones, too. The ghosted lines/planes are fairly confident, also. You’ve kept them smooth and straight, the whole way through, and not forgotten about the start/end points of the non-diagonal center lines – well done.

The table of ellipses exercise looks mostly good. There’s not a lot of variety, as far as their degrees are concerned, but what’s here is good. A few minor things. Try to hit the minimum of 2 rotations. See if you can lift, not flick, your pen off the page at the end of said rotations. And always be mindful of your pivot, especially if you see a pointy ellipse (because pointy ellipse = elbow/wrist). The ellipses in planes are nicely done – despite these more complicated frames, they maintain their prior smoothness/roundness. Finally, save for a bit of stiffness (which I’ll attribute to their size), the funnels look solid. Just be sure that the minor axis extends all the way through your ellipses; or, conversely, if there’s no more minor axis, simply don’t add another ellipse – it’ll be one aligned to nothing, and that’s not of much use to us.

The plotted perspective exercise looks clean.

The rough perspective exercise starts off strong, and improves considerably throughout the set. My only piece of advice to you here, really, would be to not stick to your original guesses. In other words, after you’ve plotted a point, check it, by ghosting it to the horizon, and altering it as needed, before committing to it.

The rotated boxes exercise looks good. It’s big, its boxes are snug, and properly rotating. The boxes themselves aren’t always correct, as per you being forced to prioritize their neighboring edges above all else, but that’s perfectly fine. As we progress through the box challenge, we’ll learn enough about their construction to be able to challenge certain rules; until then, this is more than satisfactory.

The organic perspective exercise looks great. As per their increase in size, and consistent, shallow foreshortening, your boxes flow as intended.