Sketch dump nr 2

4:23 PM, Monday February 6th 2023

Sketch dump nr2 - Album on Imgur

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Here are the sketches I did during the 250 box challenge.

I believe I can do a better job doing the 50% rule. I was using the time for the 50% rule to draw on serious things that I want to use in my portfolio. They felt like work and not play and I wanted to avoid doing them. The more silly sketches in this sketch dump were the ones where I had the most fun because I was not focusing on making something pretty. The figure sketches are like a safe space because I have been doing them for a long time and I am almost always satisfied with those.

I want to draw more from imagination and draw more!

I want to add a disclaimer to this sketch dump. I am a working junior animator so I am already a working artist. I am taking the drawabox lessons because I have been told that I miss these fundamental skills to do a better job. I don't know if a lot of people will see this post but don't feel discouraged if you are truly a beginner and are on another drawing level. I am adding this here because I get jeaulous of other artist myself and I don't want people to feel bad.

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8:44 PM, Thursday February 9th 2023

Thanks for sharing. I think students on this site should be encouraged that someone who is a working artist still feels the need to work on fundamentals. It shows that fundamentals never go away. Also, it shows that you can have success without being "perfect" at the craft.

10:36 PM, Tuesday February 21st 2023

Yes, we can work proffesionally and still learn a lot of things or go back to basics. The fun thing is that you will always find something new or something you had forgotten about. I think a lot of people struggle with being perfect (including myself). Thank you for the reply!

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