This is quite normal! You're definitely not alone in getting lost in all the lines.

Starting with lesson 6 we are strongly encouraged to switch to ballpoint pen as they provide more flexibility in terms of line weight. By varying the pen pressure you can get different degrees of opacity to your lines. It does take some practice (and some ball point pens are better than others for it). Generall, you would use fainter lines for bounding boxes/subdivisions and heavier lines for actual constructions, silhouette etc

Aside from that here are some tips from discord (if you're not on there, consider joining since you can find even more advise):

  • draw big. Try to take up most of the page for one item

  • follow the demos since they teach different techniques.

  • plan your drawing. this is not always efficient/appropriate but generally doing a orthographic study and/or rough drawing before doing the "real" take really helps.

  • Don't be afraid to start simpler for your own drawings. I think it takes time to get used to this lesson so if you start simpler you can keep building your understanding without getting lost in lines

  • Some people are able to offload the subdivisions into separate planes (i could never figure that one out). Quoting one of the discord users who is great at Lesson 6 "3rd is not basic: by optimizing subdivisions, for example offloading subdivisions to a temporary planes, or rethinking which landmarks are important and which aren't after some thoughts you may end up with less landmarks and as a result less subdivisions and less clutter overall"