First thing I notice is that your lines are a bit wobbly:

In these exercises, you should always prioritize confidence over accuracy.

A wobbly line will always be worse than a confident line, no matter how off the confident line is.

If you take a look over the ghosted lines notes you'll see the levels of lines:

Level 1: Line is smooth and consistent without any visible wobbling, but doesn't quite pass through A or B, due to not following the right trajectory. It's a straight shot, but misses the mark a bit.

Level 2: Line is straight, smooth and consistent without any wobbling and maintains the correct trajectory. It does however either fall short or overshoot one or both points.

Level 3: Line is straight, smooth, consistent without any wobbling. It also starts right at one point and ends exactly at the other.

As you can see, wobbly lines aren't mentioned, which means that they would be worse than level 1.

Ellipses are more confident, but they still have wobble, be careful with that. Don't worry about sacrificing accuracy if it means getting the lines/ellipses more confident.

On boxes, you're doing mostly a good job. Though you have a few issues

First is on rotated boxes, some of your boxes weren't actually rotating, careful with that, this mistake is explained here.

On the other exercises, you seem to be repeatin lines, no matter how off a line is, don't repeat it, keep going as if it was correct.

On organic perspective, you've done a p good job outside of that. Remember you can also add lineweight to the overlaps to clarify them!