Template for Texture Analysis/Challenge Chart

4:39 PM, Monday November 28th 2022

I made template for the Texture Analysis and 25 Textures Challenge if anyone needs it:


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7:30 PM, Monday November 28th 2022

I feel I should mention something I try to call out when students use templates for their exercises - while there are no rules against this, I do find that the process of setting up the structure of an exercise - the table for the tables of ellipses, the guidelines for the super imposed lines, and these rows for the texture analysis exercise - it is actually a valuable use of time in that it helps us get into the mindset of approaching something in a structured manner. Having to draw those lines, employing a ruler, and all of that in a very specific manner can put us in a better frame of mind to keep the specific instructions of a given exercise in mind.

10:30 PM, Monday November 28th 2022

I should not have posted it. Sorry. I have no problem if you want to delete the post.

8:02 PM, Tuesday November 29th 2022

No worries, I think it's fine to leave it up. I figured it was useful in the sense that it was an opportunity to mention the point, so anyone who looks at the template will also see my commentary below.

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The Science of Deciding What You Should Draw

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