Hi there. I'll be handling your 250 Box Challenge critique.

First of all pat yourself on the back for getting through the entire thing, it takes a lot of willpower to manage to do something that sounds so simple but in reality is so time consuming.

While your boxes weren't bad to begin with, you did manage to grow through the entire thing. By the end your convergences are much more consistent and your boxes look more solid overall. You may find this image helpful, it shows how each line relates to one another in a set and how the 2 inner lines will be always be fairly similar, while the outer 2 may vary more extremely. Remember that as the vanishing point is moved further from the box that these lines will become increasingly close to parallel. I feel like around box 150 is where things start to become more consistent and things started to click. While you may still make some mistakes here and there it's a noticeable improvement.

Great work, I'll mark your submission as complete and you can start on Lesson 2.