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9:55 PM, Wednesday October 18th 2023

First of all, congratulations on completing Lesson 1!

Page 1-3: Your lines look good. They consistently start on one end, and they look confidently drawn to the other end, even if there was some fraying. I did notice some of the longer lines arched a little bit. This might be due to not drawing from the shoulder.

Page 4-5: I noticed some wobble. Specifically, the lines drawn on the left side of the box. Remember it is better to draw lines that are confident, rather than accurate.

Page 6: Funnels - good job keeping the ellipses symmetrical. However, the ellipses look a little wobbly.

Page 7-8: Table of Ellipses looks good.

Page 9-10: Ellipses in Planes - for the most part, looks good. Your ellipses touch all four sides of the plane. However, I do see some wobble.

Page 11: Plotted Perspective - looks good.

Page 12-13: Rough Perspective - good job in getting your boxes to head towards the vanishing point. Remember to draw your lines confidently, and do not repeat lines.

Page 14-16: Rotated Boxes and Organic Perspective - looks good

Next Steps:

Half a page of funnels to iron out the wobbles in the ellipses section.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
2:37 PM, Thursday October 19th 2023

Thank you so much for the critique! I've attached a link to my new funnels below:


Kindly let me know if I need to make any other revisions or if I am ready to proceed to the next section.

4:47 PM, Monday October 23rd 2023

Looks good, the funnels look a lot better and are more consistent in shape! Good work! Marking as complete.

Next Steps:

You can move on to the 250 Box Challenge. :)

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