Hi there, welcome to Drawabox!

Superimposed lines

The aim of the exercise is to prioritize the straightness and confidence of the lines more than the accuracy (try increasing stroke speed)

Ghosted lines

You seem more confident in the lines here but there’s still some wobble and arching in the lines, the lines tilted to the right are both accurate and confident so good job with that (Try to rotate the page as much as you want until you are comfortable)

Ghosted planes

The lines look way better now! Great work

Ellipses in planes

The ellipses are quite well made, some of the ellipses were undershooting on the first page, but it seems to be better on the second page.

Table of Ellipses

There is quite a bit of overlapping, but the shape of the ellipses are pretty good overall


The funnels are done well, you did a good job aligning the ellipses to both axes.

Plotted Perspective Boxes

You followed the instructions correctly.

Rough Perspective Boxes

The shape of the boxes are done well, don’t worry if all the lines don’t meet at the vanishing point since the lines of most boxes are meeting each other, this will be very useful in the 250 box challenge

Rotated Boxes

You made one extra layer of boxes. Aside from that, you seem to understand the purpose of the exercise and made some clean-looking boxes.

Organic boxes

Some of the boxes are repeating. but once you start the 250 box challenge you will get better.

I hope this was helpful, good luck on your journey and on the 250 box challenge!