Lesson 2: Contour Lines, Texture and Construction

3:47 PM, Thursday June 8th 2023

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I enjoyed this lesson, despite my difficulty with the textures

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5:13 PM, Monday June 12th 2023


First time critiquing lesson 2, so, please, don't take everything I say at face value, and seek advice from others as well.

My first remark goes towards the material. Is this a ballpoint pen you are using?

  • Arrows: nicely done. There are some neat overlaps, and you are quite successful in adding line weight and hatching to accentuate the overlaps.

  • Organic forms: there are a few instances of swelling and distortion that drive you away from the simple sausages, but overall, you are doing well, and I love how you overshoot those lines. Your second page looks terrific!

  • Texture analysis: I see that you are struggling with this. I struggled with it too - actually I still struggle with it. What I can note, though, is that you rely mostly on lines, rather than cast shadows of certain objects. Furthermore, you may have found that filling black areas is tedious, so you have used hatching instead. Consider going implicit rather than explicit, as stated in the course. Plus there is little gradient here. Focus on the shadows, not the forms!

  • Dissections: you did a fair job of breaking the structure of your sausages! Your textures have the same issues as above though.

  • Your form intersections and organic form intersections look quite nice, even though some sausages have awkward shadow shapes. You may want to set a fixed source of light and be more mindful of the shadows it casts.

Overall I would regard this as a strong submission and encourage you to move on to lesson 3. Just add texture to your warm-ups.

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Lesson 3

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11:42 PM, Monday June 12th 2023

Thanks for the review!

I can tell you that all the exercises were done with the recommended type of pen. What happened is that her ink ran out during the form intersection exercise and I tried to get some more ink in, but the pen got a little weird and stopped working completely after the lesson ended. Despite this I already bought new pens.

I'll take your feedback into consideration especially regarding textures, as the next lessons involve a lot of practice with these concepts in plants and other obejcts constrution.

I certainly still have a lot to learn!

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