Lesson 2: Contour Lines, Texture and Construction

9:07 PM, Sunday May 17th 2020

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As always I rely on google transalate, I hope it does a good job.

I must admit that I found this section much more difficult than the previous one, even more than the 250 boxes (which is more than difficult and a little repetitive).

In particular, I found the part of texture analysis and Dissection difficult. I don't think I really understood how to apply them and how to exploit them, I find that my work is too "big and fat" and really heavy to look at and do.

To be clear, every single sausage took me at least an hour of work, often an hour and a half. It's normal? Or am I going too slowly?

Any advice to lighten everything?

I have to admit that I was also really afraid to start it. CIoe ', I spent days in fear of putting the pen on the sheet. To the obvious it was really overwhelming.

I also see that I have less and less desire to do and I almost no longer draw on my own and for "fun". Any advice to rekindle a little desire and passion?

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Ellipse Master Template

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No matter which brand of ellipse guide you decide to pick up, make sure they have little markings for the minor axes.

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