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2:33 PM, Saturday July 4th 2020

Looks good! (though I asked for a quadrant of the rotated boxes exercise- not the whole thing.) It’s a solid attempt at it regardless. Despite forgetting to include the boxes at the end of each axis, your boxes do a decent job of rotating, and, though you had some issues with this, too, I can tell that you were aiming for them to be snug. Nicely done. The organic perspective exercise looks quite good, too. You’ve been mindful of your foreshortening, and, though a little too subtle, the increase in size does a good job of suggesting their flow. Really, the only issues is that some of the boxes diverge, but not only is that something that’s expected, it’s something that we’re planning to address, very soon.

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250 Box Challenge

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2:22 PM, Thursday October 22nd 2020

I have finished 250 box challenge.

It took much longer time than I expected..

Please checke it.

4:01 PM, Thursday October 22nd 2020

Congrats! This needs to be uploaded as a new post, however.

10:20 PM, Thursday October 22nd 2020

sorry I will do it soon.

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