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3:20 PM, Monday June 15th 2020

Hey! I’ll be looking through this~

Starting off, your superimposed lines look good. They’re smooth, and properly lined up at the start, but not always of a consistent trajectory. If you catch yourself going off course, do not course correct. Rather, boldly continue onto that course. The ghosted lines/planes look good, too, though I think you could stand to push their confidence a little further still. It’s perfectly fine for them to miss the end point, or stop short of it, or overshoot it. I’d also recommend making their start/end points a little smaller. The idea is that the line between them should, if perfect, swallow them both, so something closer to the size of the start/end points of the non-diagonal center lines is what we’re looking for.

The table of ellipses exercise looks great! They’re quite confident, and, though they start off a little bumpy/pointy, this aspect of them is a lot better by page 2. It’s still not perfect, however, so continue being mindful of it. The pointy-ness, in particular, is usually an indication that a student is reverting back to a lesser pivot, so be especially mindful of that. All marks should originate from the shoulder. Also, if at all possible, try not to flick your pen off the page at the end of your rotations- it leaves a noticeable mark on your page. See if you can lift it off, instead, maintaining the ghosting motion until it’s off. The ellipses in planes exercise looks good. Your ellipses are confident and circular, and do a nice job of touching all 4 sides of the plane. You’ll not always rotate around them 2 full times, however, so be sure to. Finally, the funnels exercise looks great, too. The minor axis cuts your ellipses into two equal, symmetrical halves, and they’re, despite the increase in difficulty, quite confident, as well.

The rough perspective exercise is, for the most part, good. The 2 sets of lines that should be parallel/perpendicular to the horizon are, and the 1 set that should converge does so, quite successfully, too. Line quality, however, takes a bit of a hit here. It’s important to remember that, despite the magnitude of the task itself, really, all you're doing is drawing a line from point A to point B, over and over. That’s your unit of work. If you think about it, that’s no different from the ghosted lines exercise. Hence, if your lines can be confident there, they can be confident here, too. For the following 2 exercises, that is, the rotated boxes exercise and the organic perspective exercise, it seems like the ghosting method was not used. This is incorrect. You’ll recall that this method is to be used for ‘every single mark you make through all of the Drawabox lessons’. These 2 exercises, in particular, are all about said forethought. As such, I don’t believe that this represents the best of your ability, and am going to request a redo.

Next Steps:

I’d like to see 1 quadrant of the rotated boxes exercise, and 1 page of the organic perspective exercise, where you use the ghosting method to plan every single one of your lines, and commit to them confidently.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
1:33 AM, Saturday July 4th 2020

I tried again. It's really unconfortable..

please check it.


2:33 PM, Saturday July 4th 2020

Looks good! (though I asked for a quadrant of the rotated boxes exercise- not the whole thing.) It’s a solid attempt at it regardless. Despite forgetting to include the boxes at the end of each axis, your boxes do a decent job of rotating, and, though you had some issues with this, too, I can tell that you were aiming for them to be snug. Nicely done. The organic perspective exercise looks quite good, too. You’ve been mindful of your foreshortening, and, though a little too subtle, the increase in size does a good job of suggesting their flow. Really, the only issues is that some of the boxes diverge, but not only is that something that’s expected, it’s something that we’re planning to address, very soon.

Next Steps:

250 Box Challenge

This critique marks this lesson as complete.
2:22 PM, Thursday October 22nd 2020


I have finished 250 box challenge.

It took much longer time than I expected..

Please checke it.

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