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9:09 AM, Monday September 5th 2022

Hey there! I will be looking over your homework today ^^ Congrats on making it through the second Lesson!

All in all, you did a good job. I'll GI through everything and point out stuff that I noticed.

Your arrows look smooth and drawn with a confident line. Really A+. Also good job on understanding those turns. Should you do this exercise as a warm-up, remember to shorten the arrow gradually. Since the arrow is supposed to have the same length throughout, it can look like the arrow itself is shrinking in size and not just vanishing into the distance - so the opposite of what we try to achieve.

On the sausage assignment: Your line are looking good and overall the shapes and ellipses too feel solid. To draw the sausages you don't need to actually draw two spheres and a connecting tube. Uncomfortable added that in the lesson as a visualizer. It's not bad but we will need the sausage forms later on too so I'd like you to do another page of sausages.

Also bear in mind that the sausages curl a little bit. Sometimes yours look a bit stiff. This also leads to your sausages even widening around the middle part when the width should stay the same.

Your ellipses look great. Good job on the drawing through them too. Students like to miss out on that.

Regarding the textures I think you did a good job on sticking to the cast shadows. You can try and go into more detail eg scales usually have scratches or other kind of marks on them so try to really see all the little details. Plus, the black bar on the left side isn't supposed to be visible as such. Making a gradient is hard so it's not the end of the world if you can't do it yet. Besides, you already did improve by the sausage part. You're sticking to the cast shadows and even when it looks like they're supposed to be lines you keep making those forms. That's great! Definitely keep it going. The gradients look better here as well!

Your intersections look really good. The forms are solid as well. Really kudos to that, those look amazing!

You seem to have a bit more trouble with the sausage part but that's okay. Really try to visualize how they flop and turn and curl around each other. It won't hurt to add some more sausages on onto one, I think. Maybe the sausage revision will help too in making them more fluid.

So yeah that's it! Congrats again on making it through it :> You did really good overall and learned quite a bit so you can be proud of that.

Before you move onto the next Lesson, I'd like to ask of you another page of the Organic Forms. If you like you can add the ellipses, just for extra study haha

Don't forget to answer here and add another imgur link so I can mark it as done ^^

Next Steps:

1 Page of the Organic Forms with Contour Lines

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
4:12 PM, Tuesday September 6th 2022

Heyo! Thank you so much for taking your time to critique my assignment!

Yeah when I did the organic forms exercise I was not paying close attention and thought that that was how you do it, turns out I was wrong. Here is the revision you wanted.


I definitely think I can be better at doing these so if you think i should do another one, it's no biggie.

9:14 AM, Wednesday September 7th 2022

Hey there :> Glad we're on the same page then haha and I think you're already improving bit by bit ^^ Most important thing is I pointed it out and you understood what I meant and can work on it consciously now. So no need to redo it! You can however add this to your warm-up and keep on improving over time!

Wishing you the best for Lesson 3!

Next Steps:

Head on to Lesson 3!

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2:11 PM, Wednesday September 7th 2022

Thanks man! Good luck on your things aswell !

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