Lesson 2: Contour Lines, Texture and Construction

6:07 AM, Friday August 13th 2021

Lesson 2: Contour Lines, Texture and Construction - Album on Imgur

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Hello again, I just finished the exercises on Lesson 2.

This assignment took a long time to complete which actually made me to procrastinate sometimes and quite the hardest as well. I also felt I did a poor job with the form and organic intersection, but at the very least I tried.

Thank you in advance for any feedbacks or criticisms! Any comments or suggestions would be highly appreciated.

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7:30 PM, Sunday August 22nd 2021

Hello! I’ll be reviewing your exercise today.

Starting with Organic Arrows, your lines look confident, and you’re doing a good job of applying perspective. However, you’re not overlapping your lines as much as you should be doing in this exercise.

Organic Forms with Contour Lines - Your ellipses seem to be drawn confidently and there is variance in the degrees of those ellipses, and in the page with contour curves, you’re doing a good job of hooking your curves around the form. I was a bit worried about your sausages at first, but by the second page of this exercise, they look nice and simple. One issue I did notice though was that the lines you draw through the forms sometimes seem to be a little bit off in terms of their accuracy.

Your texture analysis looks great! I thought you did a good job going from dense to sparse and showing the shadows of the texture you drew.

Your dissections also looked great to me-you did a great job of breaking the form and showing the curvature of the form, and besides for that, your textures look great.

Your Form Intersections seem passable to me. I have a bit of trouble with intersections myself, so while I can tell that some of them are off, I’d have a bit of trouble telling you why. Some of your forms seem a bit unrealistic to me, but it looked like you were drawing your lines confidently and that you had the right idea in mind with all of them so I think that as time goes on, your accuracy will improve a bit and they will look a bit more realistic.

Your Organic Intersections are okay - I thought you did a good job of drawing simple forms and and drawing contour lines, but your shadows seem to stick to your form quite a lot. Additionally, I thought you could have put more emphasis on the forms sagging or wrapping around the other forms.

Overall, I think this was a decent exercise and I think you can move onto Lesson 3. As a favor, I’d like to ask you to please grade my own Lesson 2 work (which needs a lot of work compared to yours imo) - I haven’t gotten it reviewed yet and I want to make sure that I’m aware of my mistakes (especially in textures) before I move onto a more difficult exercise.

10:21 AM, Monday August 23rd 2021

Hello, and thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my exercise. Thank you for the suggestions and ideas; I will take them into consideration.

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