Are my boxes really improving?

8:35 AM, Sunday July 19th 2020

I'm almost done with the 250 boxes challenge and I'm not really sure if I've improved at all. I miss points every now and then and I also overextend my lines every now and then. Half of the time I get pretty good convergence, occasionally near perfect, but I don't get the best convergence and even divergence the other half of the time because my estimates were a bit off or I just missed the mark I was supposed to hit. Somehow it feels like I'm the same as I was at around the 20-30 boxes mark.

How do I know if I have actually improved?

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12:47 PM, Sunday July 19th 2020

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If they feel the same they probably are the same. Perhaps you are going through the motions with practice rather than really trying to follow the rules and improve. Easy to do when it can seem a bit of a repetitive chore.

I noticed a big improvement by the 100th and confidence by the 200th approx.

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5:54 PM, Friday July 24th 2020

I hope this helps -

I think the key is to stick with it and practice practice practice. Enjoy it. In the military there was a saying, " Embrace the suck." Also every box you draw is a better box then the one before because you learned something from it.

Hope my crappy attempt to motivate helped a little.

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