Hello Rorbeck, congratulations on completing Lesson 1! Here are a couple of my observations

-Don't go over your lines twice, no matter how off the first one was. (ghosted lines exercise.)

-General smoothness of the line, make sure you're drawing from your shoulder and let loose. Prioritize smoothness over accuracy. Your ellipses would benefit from this.

-It seems you misunderstood the point of the rough perspective exercise. You weren't meant to take the ruler and draw new lines that would actually abide by your vanishing point. You were meant to follow your boxes' lines to see where they were actually going like this. The point is to see how accurate you were.

-In the rotated boxes exercise, the boxes aren't properly rotating, and there is a lot of size variation. I suggest you read the instructions closely as well as look at the video demo. Additionally you could use hatching to clarify your drawing.

-Well done on the rotated boxes exercise, the boxes "grow" at a mostly consistent rate.

I suggest that you pay more attention to what you're being asked to do. I know it can be a bit jarring to go through all that text, but it is in your best interest. I suggest that you join the Drawabox Discord Server for additional help and guidance in case you have any other questions.

For the time being I cannot mark this lesson as complete. I am going to ask you to redo both pages of the rough perspective exercise, as well as the rotated boxes exercise.

Please reply with your completed revisions so I can take a look at them.

Good Luck moving forward!