Form intersection vehicules

1:03 PM, Thursday November 5th 2020


I am not sure what form intersection vehicles are about. Is it exactly like section 2, but trying to do vehicles? so no need for rulers, mesuring halfs, etc. Just boxes and cylinders?

Thank you

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4:24 PM, Thursday November 5th 2020

It is basically taking the general construction of vehicles and trying to approach them in the simplest way possible. Your results will look more like basic toys, and won't have any real complexity to them, but it'll help you think through how you might start combining basic forms in arrangements that are found in vehicles.

You are still allowed to use rulers, but for this section you won't be required to use the subdivisions. Treat it as though you're doing the form intersections, but like you're purposely trying to make them look like vehicles from your reference images.

3:56 AM, Friday November 6th 2020

All right thank you! Thanks what I understood but I didn't see that in previous submissions!

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