Hello! I’ll be doing your critique today.

Superimposed lines

Very little fraying on the straight lines, and no wobble either great job! The S curves are a little shaky but the over curves are better.

Ghosted lines

Wow… this is amazing, not only are the lines full of confidence they’re accurate too! Honestly, these lines came out better than they do from a ruler!

Ghosted planes

Slight overshooting, but it’s mostly unnoticeable. Good angles.

Ellipses in planes

There is some Overshooting/undershooting but don’t worry too much, focus on the shape of the ellipse, it seems like you tried to correct quite a few ellipses mid-stroke but that’ll get better in time.

Table of Ellipses

Good variation of ellipses, the ellipses are looped, and the overshooting/undershooting is pretty minor.


The ellipses are all mostly aligned to both axes and the perspective ones look good too.

Plotted Perspective Boxes

You followed the instructions a little too well, these look really good, the line weight makes each box stand out and the perspective is very clear. Great hatching too!

Rough Perspective Boxes

Pretty good, no critiques here! you’ll get even better during the 250 box challenge.

Rotated Boxes

Despite being a difficult exercise, you understood it pretty well! The shape is circular, the boxes have their own VPs and hatching makes everything clear.

Organic perspective boxes

Some of the frames like the 3rd one of the 1st and the last 2 frames of the second page have little rotation, I’d say the best one is the 2nd frame of the first page.

Overall, you have done a great job! I think you have talent or experience or both! Don’t forget to use these exercises as a small warm-up before drawing. It will improve your lines and perspective further.