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12:00 PM, Wednesday January 10th 2024

Hi I will be doing your lesson 1 critique.


Your Superimposed lines are pretty good.You are keeping a clearly defined starting point with all of your wavering at the opposite end. Your ghosted lines and planes turned out pretty solid . You are using the ghosting method to good effect to get confident linework.Good job on this one.


Ellipses are also solid they are generally confident and gone trough 2-3 times.One thing you should keep in mind is that you dont strive to do egg like shape which is present in some works (mainly this one : https://imgur.com/a/embo13p ) but to have more of an ellipse shape like these : https://imgur.com/a/UTk1qlf . There are also some deformation but its minor.

Your ellipses in planes are also very solid.Tho i see there are some instances where you either dont finish a plane or dont go fully around the plane with ellipse. https://imgur.com/a/yM4WNk7

Your funnels are also pretty good.But there is a mistake od deforming ellipse to suit the funnel.Try and rely a bit more on the muscle memory of the motion you build up while ghosting and almost make your mark without thinking. This will be less accurate at first. Although accuracy is our end goal it can't really be forced and tends to come through mileage and consistent practice more than anything.

Good jov on this one too!


Plotted perspective is pretty good.

Rough perspective also looks very solid.The linework is really solid.One thing that is surprising is that your estimations did

converge at mostly same spot which you are going to learn more when doing 250 box challenge.Organic perspective is also pretty good I can see that you did do them with the Y method.Some lines are diverging but thats to be expected.Linework is confident.

Rotated boxes.This one has the common mistake of not rotating boxes enough which is very common and due to not understanding how a box rotates in space ( which you are going to learn doing 250 box challenge). https://imgur.com/a/kzRv7AA . When drawing rotated boxes try to keep in mind that vanishig points change when the box in rotation also changes. https://imgur.com/a/FZ0NdNK its ok if you dont understand this for know.Like I said u are going to probably understand it after doing 250 challenge so after doing it maybe come back and see how much have you learn.

Overall this is pretty good submission keep on drawing and good look with 250 challenge!!!!

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12:51 AM, Saturday January 13th 2024

Thank you

I knew I've done rotated boxes wrong but couldn't find out what exactly is wrong by myself.

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