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2:17 PM, Sunday June 20th 2021
edited at 2:20 PM, Jun 20th 2021


you've done this digitally? for the superimposed lines it actually looked like you did it on paper and scanned it. so i'll point out something, you will be missing out when you're doing DaB digitally, as drawing it on paper with either a ballpoint pen or a fineliner offers a different experience, keep that in mind! anyways,

for the superimposed lines you've done pretty good as there's no fraying in both ends, and it looks smooth and confident, good job!

ghosted lines had some straight lines, but there are some lines that's a bit wobbly giving a subtle s or c curve, a simple fix for this of course is the ghosting method(tip: whenever applying the ghosting method, and you're about to mark, marking it a bit faster might help! (but not dont mark it too fast as it can throw off what you've ghosted))

now for the ghosted planes it looks pretty good aside from the wobbly lines, remember you should always be prioritizing confidence over accuracy


table of ellipses - there are some mistakes that you did: firstly you should've drawn through it around 2-3 times(preferably 2 times) to give it a neat look, secondly you had a lot of ellipses that's overlapping, you should have made them just touch each other.

for the ghosted planes with ellipses - it seems that you have some planes showing that you just drawn through your ellipses only once or around 4 times.

now for the funnels exercise - you did pretty good maintaining the ellipses to the minor axis.

most of the ellipses that you did looks pretty confident and smooth good job on that!

so boxes,

plotted perspective - not much to say other than good job!

rough perspective - now some of the lines that you did are wobbly and there are also lines that are too thick than the other lines in some boxes, you might've marked a line that you didn't intend to so you tried to correct it, this is known as repeating lines, and it is a bad habit that you should completely avoid, since it makes your mistakes stand out.

rotated boxes - you did pretty good on this one, however, i will point out that you rotated it a bit too much on the bottom left side of the rotated boxes making 1 of your extreme corners barely visible.

organic perspective - you've done pretty good on this one other than the wobbly lines, your spatial reasoning seems to be good but there's still improvement for that and for your wobbly lines

i would suggest that you do superimposed lines and ghosted planes with ellipses exercise for your warm-ups as it can help greatly for every session you do in DaB

Next Steps:

Tackle the 250 box challenge

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11:52 AM, Thursday June 24th 2021

Hey Skeptic,

Sorry for the late reply, and thank you for the critique,

I had actually already done DrawABox before, but only till lesson 3, in which I tackled the 250 box challenge and even the 250 cylinder challenge. However, Since I haven't completed it "officially", I'll go ahead and do it again.

1:08 PM, Thursday June 24th 2021
edited at 1:11 PM, Jun 24th 2021

oh, well you don't really have to redo the 250 box challenge and 250 cylinder challenge again since you can just pick up what you left but sure go ahead, atleast it'll show what you're current ability can do. good luck!

edited at 1:11 PM, Jun 24th 2021
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