Hello again.

Glad to see you're still with the course but honestly a bit confused as to why you're redoing previously completed lessons.

On the first pass through the material you seemed to be doing well enough that you passed lesson 2 and 3 without the need for revisions. While there were some mistakes you will improve with more mileage and as your understanding of fundmentals improve, which will happen as you continue to progress through the course.

I did see that you took a bit of a break, and if you felt the need to restart because of that then that is your choice of course, just don't fall into the trap of trying to grind for "perfection". You'll improve a lot more progressing through the course than just repeating completed lessons. I will just say that this critique is going to be fairly brief, your work was on the right track before and while there are improvements the concepts are still basic enough that there isn't much more that could be said. Instead I'll point you to your original lesson 2 critique for more in depth information and instead quickly go over some things I notice this time around and move you on to the next step.


  • There's a little bit of wobbling occurring here which shows you may be hesitating instead of drawing confidently, remember confidence is our top priority.

  • Your line weight is applied much too heavily, remember that our goal is to keep it subtle. One extra pass over with our fine liner is all we need.

  • There's room to experiment with foreshortening in the negative space of your arrows. As the arrow moves closer to the viewer it will become larger but so will the space between the curves of the arrow.

Organic forms with contours

  • There are a few moments of hesitation here as well which results in ellipses or forms getting squared edges.

  • You're keeping your forms simple here for the most part which is good to see.

  • Make sure you draw through all of your ellipses including the small ones on the end of your forms.

  • Try hooking your contour curves back into the form a bit more.

  • Keep experimenting with shifting the degree of your contours but you're on the right track.


  • You're doing a better job of focusing on shadows this time around but you're focusing quite a bit on form shadows rather than cast shadows at times. If you need an explanation on the difference one can be found here.

Form Intersections

  • Your forms are looking solid, just keep experimenting with intersections as you only really attempted them on one page.

Organic intersections

  • Your forms are simple and solid.

  • Good work wrapping them around one another and pushing your shadows so that they cast.

Overall this was a really solid submission and you're doing a good job of getting back into the swing of things. As mentioned there are improvements here compared to your first attempt but when your first attempt was already solid it's incredibly unlilkely for there to be a night and day difference unless you've added a ton of mileage and developed a much deeper understanding of the concepts involved. Not only that but the better your work was to begin with the less room there is to improve.

Regardless I'm glad to see you're giving the course another attempt and hope you manage to progress further and achieve your goals in the long run. I'll be marking your submission as complete and moving you on to the next lesson.

Keep practicing previous exercises as warm ups and good luck with the rest of the course.