Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

6:52 PM, Sunday September 3rd 2023

Drawabox lesson 1 attempt 1 - Album on Imgur

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/81mVdmn.jpg

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i wrote a lot of self critique in my early pages because it was a habit of mine and if u dont wanna be affected by them try not to read them (in a way my crappy handwriting is actually kindaaaaaaa helpful for this??)

anyways, critique would be appreciated! but i wanna get to the later lessons as soon as i can as well as the box challenge

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1:00 PM, Monday September 11th 2023

Hi! I will be critiquing your lesson 1 homework.

  • We strongly recommend that you that you don't self critique moving forward, it is the critic's job after all. Moreover, It clutters up the page.

  • Your ghosted lines seem fine, there is some wobbling and arching (remember to always prioritize confidence over accuracy). However I can see heavy fraying in almost all of your super imposed lines, your lines can fray at the end not at the beginning. It seems that you have been trying to draw each line parallel to each other? Make sure to properly place your pen at were you previously started the line. Also, you have forgotten to upload your ghosted planes without ellipses.

  • Your ellipses are generally fine some of them lack confidence so make sure to add all these exercises to your warm ups. One thing I have notices in the ghosted ellipses-planes is that some of the circles are stretching towards a corner or floating in place. Some circles aren't symmetrically bisected or are slightly deformed.

  • For your rough perspectives I have noticed that some of your boxes have that are parallel instead of in perspective. Your plotted perspective is good however is underpopulated, you are meant to add multiple in one frame. There are perspective issues with your rotated boxes and organic perspective but there is no need to grind these out as they will be addressed in the box challenge.

Next Steps:

Please do these revisions before proceeding

  • One page of plotted perspective (with more boxes in each frame)

  • One page of super imposed lines (make sure there is minimal to no fraying at the start)

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
1:18 AM, Tuesday September 12th 2023


i didnt know u had to take photos before u added ellipses

9:07 AM, Wednesday September 13th 2023

Its alright your ghosted planes seem fine. Thank you for submitting your revision!

Next Steps:

Make sure to include all of these exercises in your warm ups. I think it will be fine for you to continue to the 250 box challenge.

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