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9:18 PM, Thursday July 16th 2020

Thank you for your feedback! You've totally caught me that impatience is my biggest downfall. When it comes to individual lines, I'll ghost for perhaps less than a second and convince my brain like 'yeah, that will do'. My biggest challenge through this was consistently doing straight lines, gradually I managed to wake up my shoulder muscles but the key ingredient that I only figured out until perhaps the 200 mark was simply patience, taking time to ghost just a little bit more. I'll keep an eye on the constellation of marks I make as well, I don't mark the vanishing points as I feel that is too cheeky but I do mark my estimated intersections quite a bunch until I feel confident about it. I think that trying to use solely my Big Brain to figure them out will be an useful challenge! I look forward to creating many more sexy lines.

1:55 PM, Friday July 17th 2020

Hahaha you seem to have a similar personality to mine. I need to work on my patience too ;).

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The Science of Deciding What You Should Draw

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