250 Box Challenge

12:35 AM, Wednesday July 8th 2020

Draw A Box 250 Box Challenge - Album on Imgur

Imgur: https://imgur.com/a/i3Z94PE

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Finally done. Once again the camera quality is poor, and the fact that I used a dying pen throughout the first half of the exercise only made things worse. Sorry about that.

I labeled the boxes with the letters "S" or "D" to denote whether they utilize shallow, or dramatic foreshortening respectively...or rather, what they're SUPPOSED to utilize. Due to my poor skills, some of the boxes have foreshortening that doesn't match their labels.

The biggest trouble I had with this exercise was aligning the back corner properly. Sometimes I got the angle wrong, and sometimes it was impossible to get right because some of the outer lines were the wrong length and or angle. I also extended my lines in the wrong direction a few times, so some lines will go in both directions. I also realized near the end of the exercise that many of my shallow boxes didn't seem to converge at all. I tried to improve on that somewhere in the 150 area.

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