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8:43 AM, Wednesday February 24th 2021

hey i just went thru your submission! i think you did a pretty good job but i would like to mention a few things

ok so first of all about the organic arrows, dont be afraid to make the arrows bigger as they get close to the viewer that way it'll feel more in perspective and organic

the counter spheres and curves are well done you did a good job there!!

the texture gradients i feel like they gave u trouble which is the reason they dcould use some more work like the shadows feel like they are haphazardly done so i would suggest that pay closer attention to your refrence and take your time with them try using a small section of the ref then pay attention to that study it and then get it down on the sheet so i'm gonna ask you do that that one again with the same refs if you like or different ones thats up to you!!!

i think you did good with the textures but as advice i would say be bold with your silhouettes and pay close attention to cast shadows and try wrapping the textue around the organic forms practise that when you go for the nextt lesson as warm ups

and lastly the organic interactions, i think you did good with those so well done!!

i hope this is helpful to you and sorry if i'm not the best at giving advice you did great tho and i'm proud of you!!!

Next Steps:

so i'm just gonna hold off on marking the lesson as complete and ask you do a page of the texture gradients and do the paper one again along with same or different textures as asked in the homework!!

good luck!!

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
1:42 AM, Tuesday March 2nd 2021

Hi Shady, thanks a lot for the review. It was really helpful !! I will keep in mind all the suggestions that you mentioned when warming up with those excercises.

I also gave the textures exercise a second try: https://imgur.com/a/9KuwZv4

Thanks again !

7:37 AM, Wednesday March 3rd 2021

eeyyy good job bruh! i can see you improved with the texture cast shadows so great job!

im so glad my advice was helpful and you can now march forth into the next lesson!

good luck and have a great time!

Next Steps:

im sure you'll do fantastic for the next lessons to come!

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We all hate ads, but they help keep the lessons free and pay for its upkeep - they're removed for those at the Casual Student Patreon Tier and higher
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