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11:11 AM, Monday November 9th 2020

Thank you for providing insight. Here are larger boxes. I probably didn't mention it before but i did these a while ago but i didn't know about the unofficial critiques. I'm currently hoping to start 250 cylinders challenge after lesson 5. About the size of the boxes i drew late into the challenge were drawn on larger paper, just a bit shorter than A3 whereas earlier i was drawing them on A4 size. Though the boxes may seem of same size due to way i clicked the photo the later ones are quite big compared to initial ones.

Again, Thank you for spending your time critiquing my post! ????

4:39 PM, Monday November 9th 2020

Overall, great job! I can see you had difficulties with convergence of edges that are far apart from each other, but that's fine as it's a learning process.

I can see in your profile you have done lesson 3 however lesson 4 is missing. I assume you are planning to skip it? Any reason for that?

Next Steps:

Lesson 4 if you haven't done it yet?

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5:53 PM, Monday November 9th 2020
edited at 5:57 PM, Nov 9th 2020

Oh no i just haven't posted it yet. Thank you for sparing your time. I still need to work on boxes where the horizon line passes through the box that is both upper side and lower side converge towards center.

edited at 5:57 PM, Nov 9th 2020
7:45 PM, Monday November 9th 2020

Sorry to disturb but if it isn't a bother could you see Elodin's critique on my lesson 1 post. I need 1 more agree on his critique then i can help others too. It's fine if you cant.

10:41 AM, Tuesday November 10th 2020

Sure. Pretty good job with the lesson 1, move on and good luck!

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