250 Box Challenge

4:46 PM, Friday November 6th 2020

250 box challenge - Album on Imgur

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/ofabOpc.jpg

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When first starting the challenge i made the mistake of drawing my boxes way too small but i fixed it later. The size of the paper is a bit larger that average printer paper, Even though i packed a lot of boxes on one page the size of the boxes is pretty big.


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3:50 PM, Sunday November 8th 2020

I can see you made quite a big progress when first starting out: the boxes became more and more convincing as you progressed. I also really like the way you handled line quality and line weight: it's mostly quite clear which faces are closer. However, I can see that you missed out on a couple of key points.

Firstly, you are not consistent with drawing convergence lines. Either they are too short, or one or two convergence points are missing. The whole point of having them is that they provide you useful feedback of what went wrong/good with drawing the edges of the box. Even if you see that the box turned out pretty bad, you should still draw them as it's the part of the learning process. When I was doing this lesson, it was the most important source of learning, as they made my mistakes more visible.

The second aspect that I want you to pay attention to is to draw less, but bigger boxes (4-6 per page). The bigger the boxes, the more it will challenge you to think about foreshortening and convergence. Although you do mention that you started drawing bigger ones later on, however I can't really see them being that bigger compared to your earlier pages.

Next Steps:

I would recommend submitting additional 2 pages (10 boxes) to practice drawing bigger boxes

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
11:11 AM, Monday November 9th 2020


Thank you for providing insight. Here are larger boxes. I probably didn't mention it before but i did these a while ago but i didn't know about the unofficial critiques. I'm currently hoping to start 250 cylinders challenge after lesson 5. About the size of the boxes i drew late into the challenge were drawn on larger paper, just a bit shorter than A3 whereas earlier i was drawing them on A4 size. Though the boxes may seem of same size due to way i clicked the photo the later ones are quite big compared to initial ones.

Again, Thank you for spending your time critiquing my post! ????

4:39 PM, Monday November 9th 2020

Overall, great job! I can see you had difficulties with convergence of edges that are far apart from each other, but that's fine as it's a learning process.

I can see in your profile you have done lesson 3 however lesson 4 is missing. I assume you are planning to skip it? Any reason for that?

Next Steps:

Lesson 4 if you haven't done it yet?

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5:53 PM, Monday November 9th 2020
edited at 5:57 PM, Nov 9th 2020

Oh no i just haven't posted it yet. Thank you for sparing your time. I still need to work on boxes where the horizon line passes through the box that is both upper side and lower side converge towards center.

edited at 5:57 PM, Nov 9th 2020
7:45 PM, Monday November 9th 2020

Sorry to disturb but if it isn't a bother could you see Elodin's critique on my lesson 1 post. I need 1 more agree on his critique then i can help others too. It's fine if you cant.

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