Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

3:21 PM, Saturday March 19th 2022

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3:58 AM, Monday March 21st 2022

Firstly good job on completing lesson ,


I had no problem with your lines, they were drawn confidently and fairly accurately, you did a great job


your ellipses where drawn through 2 to 3 times so you clearly understand what I've said to some degree already. Plus your accuracy on the ellispes is really, good job on that!


you clearly understand the basic of perspective, very good. You work is amazing so i really dont have anything much to say about it so instead i will give you some tips about drawing boxes in perspective that i know

when you draw boxes in perspective avoid drawing lines parallel lines because those lines gonna convert to each other at some point ( keep in mind: for 1 point perspective the horizontal and vertical lines should be parallel and for 2 point perspective only the vertical line will be parallel )

there is a tips that i always do when drawing boxes in perspective manually is ghosting the line from the start to the vanishing point that way can help you have more sense of where the line should go and of course this method wont makes your lines 100% accurate

not lets go to the conclusion of your work

_what i love about your work is your line confident, you did a really great good job

good luck with your 250 boxes challenge

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hahah this lesson is too easy for you

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8:39 AM, Monday March 21st 2022

Thank you for taking the time to give me helpful feedback and tips! I appreciate it :)

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6:10 PM, Saturday March 19th 2022

Well done on these; very solid understanding of the concepts.

5:23 PM, Monday March 21st 2022

I can see that you're eager to put some time in and give others feedback, and we're thrilled - although I do have to warn you that critiques do demand a decent chunk of time from those looking to give them, and if you do not feel you can provide feedback that goes through all of the major sections of the lesson in a structured manner and cannot provide clear next steps, then you should leave it for others to do, as providing your own reply makes the system think that the student has received a helpful reply and makes it less likely that they'll receive anymore.

If you're interested in putting that time in and providing more actionable feedback for people, there are some resources that Elodin put together to help people get started - they're basically checklists that you can go through as you critique a person's work:

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