Congratulations on finishing the 250 boxes challenge Iwuzhal !!

You seem to have successfully followed all the suggestions mentioned in the lesson. Lines look confident, you are extending in the right direction, drawing through your boxes, etc.

The only detail I noticed is that your hatching doesn't always look very precise. Take your time with it. These lines should also be drawn confidently and precisely.

Regarding the convergences of your boxes, by the final pages most of your boxes look good. There are still various cases where it looks like one of your lines doesn't seem to be converging to the point where all the others are. For improving in this area I recommend you check out this two resources:

They present a different way of looking at the problem, you may find it useful. Also keep in mind that lines from a box that are close together usually run mostly parallel to each other.

Overall you did a great job! I think you are ready to tackle lesson 2, but i would keep drawing boxes during warm-ups considering the resources I mentioned above, and trying to improve on those convergences.